Atelier16 is a service that brings together the people in your life, helping them fulfil your wishes. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or a baby shower, there are so many festive occasions that you want to share with your loved ones, all of whom have one question: “What should I give you?”

We came up with the idea for Atelier16 gift registry to make sure that your guests are never left alone in the difficult situation of choosing the gift (and delivering it too, if the festivities are taking place away from home). The fact that you can personally compile your wishlist guarantees that you’ll be happy to receive the gift.

The selection of the world’s 80 most coveted brands guarantees the guests a choice for any taste and budget. Direct links with the brands and our own concierge service will help with finding things that can’t be found anywhere else. Our personal shoppers will help the guests in every possible way, be it a joint purchase of something unique or advise them on what can supplement the dinner set that you’ve been collecting for several years. In other words, we tried to do everything to make sure that the gifts that are given and received by our clients really make people happy and remind them of the most important and happiest moments of their lives.

We are the founders of Atelier16 Janet Karapetyan and Anna Kotlyar. We studied investment banking and theater management but for the last 15 years we’ve been doing the things that we love the most: providing the best customer service in the spheres of beauty, homeware and interior decoration. We are proud of building trusting relationships with the leading global brands and becoming their official distributors. This enables us to reach agreements on special conditions for our clients and to offer rare special gifts to those who value not just the objects themselves but also the emotions that they bring.

Atelier16 is a service that unites people dear to you and helps them fulfill your desires. Wedding, anniversary, baby shower - in life there are so many joyful events that you want to share with loved ones. And they all ask: “What to donate?”


Using Atelier16, you can compile a list of gifts that you would like to receive from your loved ones for your wedding, anniversary, or other important life event. The gifts can be selected from our catalogue that presents the goods of over 80 luxury homeware brands. If the catalogue is missing something or you need some advice, simply drop a note to our concierges, and we’ll be happy to help.

Send the link to the finished list to your guests so that they can decide on the specific gift, and leave the rest to us: we’ll arrange the purchase, carefully package the gift, and quickly deliver it anywhere in the world.


Everyone loves celebrations, but, let us be honest, few people like to choose presents and are good at it. Often this process becomes a real ordeal for both sides.


“Will they like it? What will the others gift? Where can I find what they asked for? How can I deliver the gift abroad if the celebration takes place away from home?” - these are the common questions that worry the guests.


“How can I hint that I want something specific? How can I hint the budget? Should I admit to the guests that they gave me the cups from the wrong dinner set?” agonize the hosts.


Atelier16 shoulders all of the logistical issues. It enables the honorees to receive the coveted gifts without worrying about logistics as we’ll deliver them at any convenient time and place. And for the guests, Atelier16 provides an opportunity to let go of uncertainty and select a gift in the comfortable price range from the list, knowing that it will definitely make the giftee happy. 


We have studied the market for many years, building trusting relationships with the brands and fulfilling the most unusual private orders from very demanding clients. Now, we have a collection of the decor objects, home accessories and gifts from the world’s most coveted brands. Among them are the homewares from the seminal houses and contemporary brands: china from Hermès, Royal Copenhagen, and Limoges manufactury Haviland, Modernist wine glasses from Aveсo, textile goods from Yves Delorme, crystal and silver from De Lamerie, and home furnishings from Ralph Lauren Homе.


But our work involves not just the things themselves, but also the positive feelings and pleasant memories, which is why it’s especially important for us that you have a very special experience with Atelier16. Our consultants and etiquette experts will always help you to make the right choice, while the concierge service is open to special requests. We can do a commemorative engraving, find an antique or a work of art for the hero of the special day, and attend to any of your wishes with regards to the wrapping and delivery.

Is this expensive ?

We have compiled our collection of gifts in such a way that the guests feel comfortable with any budget. Please, register at the site to see the prices. We offer both the famous brands with history and the affordable contemporary manufacturers, but even if the honoree has added the Hermès dinner set to the wishlist, each guest can select a single tea set or a plate, making the gift a shared one. Another excellent practice is to gift one object from that special dinner set for each important life event, turning the process of its collection into a heart-warming tradition and also fixing a problem of gift selection for several years to come.


“This aspect was always very important to me because the premium brands sell not just the goods, but also stories, service, and emotions that you get from the purchase. And it is in my power to make sure that the purchase brings back pleasant memories for many years to come.

It was this immersion in the “service” part of our work and reflections on buying emotions, not things, that led me to create Atelier16. Everyone loves a celebration: it is the focus of happy emotions and an opportunity to share it with your most loved ones, the people that make exchanging presents especially pleasurable.

But let’s be honest, few people like the responsibility that comes with making difficult choices. So, why not create a service that would take all the worries upon itself, leaving you and your guests only with the pleasant part?

I dreamt of such service as a client, and I dreamt on the international online project as an entrepreneur, and I’m very happy that Atelier16 brought these dreams together. I’m ready to invest all my know-how, energy, and passion into this project, and I’m confident it will all work out,” says Janet Karapetyan.